分手日记 1

Sunday, May 19, 2013

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I guess the first thing you need to get used to when you break up with someone are the innocent questions people around you will tend to ask:

"Where is he?"
"Why so free?"
"How are you guys"

While they wait for your answer expectantly, you have to gather all your emotions and answer in a calm and nonchalant manner that: "We have broken up." 

You speak in that manner because you don't want to shake things. It's as if any trace of emotions and all the sadness you tried so hard to hold in would break out and consume you.

The next thing would be the crying spells that come here and then. And always unexpectedly. 
It happens in the middle of the night, it happens when you first open your eyes to a new day, it happens when you drive, it happens when you see the things he gave you. To the point that you don't know how to stop it from happening, because to be honest, you don't want to cry anymore.

But you know...

You cry because you miss the person so much.
You cry because it hurts so much that things are over.
And then you just keep crying because of that pain that won't go away in your heart. 

And you know that for the next few weeks and months, no matter how, you will never find that inner peace in you. 

Not until you find a way to let go...of every hope you had with him.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

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On Call 36小时

the first day after you left

Sunday, May 6, 2012

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While you were busy packing, you asked me if I could help keep your towel after you're gone.

But today, as I stood in the toilet staring at the brown woolen towel next to mine...my hands felt so heavy by my side and I was reluctant to remove it from it's hanging place.

It's as if removing the towel means I have to accept that you have returned and I'm left here by myself again.

That even though you're a thousand miles away, having your towel here beside mine means having that little bit of you staying here with me.

And so I just stood there and stared, hoping that you were still here to use it, hoping that it would never have to leave the side of my towel...Just like how you and I will never have to part.

In the end, I just had to tell myself that it's just a towel, and I slowly placed it in with the laundry.

Just a towel.

That's how much I miss you now.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

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Haha just realized I was so vain the other day when I put on my glasses.

And then it occured to me that I haven't taken any pics with them in a long while...

and then this happened swt.

I KNOWWW, so scary right!!

I camwhored for like 10 minutes there and had to stop myself if not I would have missed the bus hahaha.

I don't know what is it with me and photos. Even now when I look at my iphone apps majority of them are photo apps hahah wtf.

I even bling-ified it with another app hahahahah. VAIN.

I guess now is the prime time for me to camwhore until one fine day I feel that I'm too old for it lol.

Seriously, being young gives you the excuse to do vain stuffs like this. Imagine if a 40 year old auntie did this, that'll probably be quite disturbing.

Not gonna let the age get to me now! Imma cam whore away and be happy! :D

You only get to be young once you know.

Harmony Day

Saturday, March 17, 2012

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Few days ago houssie came across this website which was promoting harmony day...

And so we decided to go :)

That's patchy and thumnus sitting on my lap while their owner was driving hehe.

To be honest I have no idea what the day is about...to promote harmony perhaps? A friend suggested it might be a day to raise awareness against bullying.

We paid 5 bucks for entrance and here are some of the things we saw.

meet Iggy!
he's a handsome lab trained to be a guide dog! Iggy was attracted to thumnus and we thought awww.... until his owner said his life mission was to make all soft toys look like some road kill 0_o
apparently he's been destroying some soft toys at home lol.

so cute this two!
they had a pen with chickens, sheeps, deer and a spotted pig.
sounds like some big rojak bowl I must say. You can pay 3 bucks and play with them as long as you want :)

There were cultural performances too. We only stayed long enough to watch the Indian dance and some singing.

Had mos burger in Sunnybank after that and headed home cause it was raining :(

wore my favourite shade today!

Soon autumn will come and the maxi dresses will have to go in the box. boo :(


Saturday, February 18, 2012

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14th of February

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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The mini conversation that took place this morning

Sent him this pic first....

and then this one...

Because I couldn't decide which one would be more appealing so I sent both LOL.

and then I anxiously waited for a reply...

5 minutes passed and no message, was starting to drift back to sleep when suddenly this came in

he layan me! LOL.
usually he would just reply with text messages but this time he actually took the time to scribble a note and took a pic with it too.


and my last reply =)

We set up a Skype date after that.

This year would be our first time celebrating Valentine's as a couple but boyfie was very upset that we couldn't spend it together. Needless to say, I was brooding too. *sulks*

I thought of getting myself some salmon for dinner since it's Valentine. Maybe some good food would cheer me up! But I ended up doing work in the library till late and by the time I was done all the shops were closed, FML.

I felt horibble. This year I was feeling more lonely than usual because I always, always had someone with me during Valentine's. Even when I was single my bestie and I would also get together and celebrate this day together.

This year even bestie is too far away from me =(

But being my bestest bestie she still managed to surprise me with a virtual bouquet!

I LOVE YOU BESTIE! Thank you for being so thoughtful when you sensed that I was down *hugs*

At night I was having indomee for dinner and feeling depressed again. Suddenly there was some incoming "spam" in whatsapp and I complained that I had no Valentine dinner.

This time, lily and her bf did the funniest and most heart-warming thing... by skyping me during their dinner LOL.

But the line was so bad for a while that's all I saw.

Eventhough they couldnt hear me very well, they showed me their very tempting affogato and both of them took turns to talk to me and kept me occupied during this lonely Valentine.

Wanted to say I'm #foreveralone but how could I? When I have such a lovely partner and wonderful friends around me.

Everytime things get hard I want all of you to know that each of you have in many ways become a source of strength and motivation to keep me going on.

I love each of you so so much.

Happy Valentine's Day! =)


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